Beat the Holiday Bulge: The Science of Staying Slim this Season

As the holiday season approaches, many of us face the all-too-familiar challenges: indulgent meals, overwhelming stress, and the inevitable weight gain and fatigue. It’s a time of year marked by heavy foods, family gatherings, and endless temptations. The added demands and stressors often lead to overeating, sluggish metabolism, and brain fog.

Why We Get Heavier Around the Holidays:

The holiday season often brings an uptick in consuming high sugar, ultra-processed carbohydrates, and alcohol. These dietary changes can trigger inflammation in the body, a natural response that, when chronic, can lead to various health issues. Physiologically, inflammation can slow down metabolism, contribute to weight gain, and even affect mood and energy levels. The disruption of regular sleep patterns and exercise routines further compounds this issue, as both are crucial in managing inflammation. The mental and emotional toll of this cycle can manifest as increased stress, irritability, and a general feeling of being unwell, which are often self-medicated with…you guessed it, a piece of Aunt Ellen’s pumpkin pie.  The cycle continues…

A Common Struggle:

You’re not alone in this. Many experience increased cravings and fatigue during this time. The festive season, while joyous, can be a challenging period for maintaining health and wellness.  Studies suggest that the average woman may gain as much as two to five pounds during this period. While this might seem minimal, it is the unwanted gift that keeps giving –  contributing to long-term weight gain over the years. With obesity and diabetes rates already rising for women over 40, these additional pounds can only make things worse.

One significant factor in this trend is that dropping levels of estrogen put women in a chronic state of hunger and cravings while at the same time leaving them insulin-resistant and more likely to store those extra calories as fat.  Coupled with the fact that most holiday activities revolve around rich, sugary and high calorie foods,  we have a perfect storm for unintentional weight gain and related health issues.

Combating Holiday Weight Gain and Fatigue:

Write your own story.  Even if you have been a statistic all your life, this year can be different.  Small steps can make a big difference, and here are some that you can incorporate now to help make your holiday season merry and light!

  • Prioritize Sleep: Good sleep is crucial during the holidays. It helps regulate hunger hormones, keeping those cravings in check. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep to keep your energy levels balanced.
  • Stay Active: Aim for 10,000 steps a day. A walk before and after meals not only aids digestion but also helps burn off some of those extra calories (and you don’t even need to change into workout clothes! Incorporate fun activities like a game of pickleball to keep the holiday spirit alive.
  • Healthy Eating Habits: Start your meal with protein, and round it out with healthy fats and fiber – this combo helps you feel full longer, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Stay hydrated by drinking water equivalent to your weight in ounces, which can also help curb hunger and aid in detoxification. 
  • Mindful Alcohol Consumption: Skip or limit alcohol, as it’s high in calories, toxic to your liver, and can lower your inhibitions around food. Alcohol consumption virtually turns off your fat-burning ability.  Opt for sparkling water “on the rocks” with a twist of lime or lemon for a festive, low-calorie alternative. (Hint: put it into bar drinkware so that no one pressures you into drinking)
  • Bring a Healthy Dish: Contribute a colorful, anti-inflammatory veggie-based side dish to gatherings. This ensures you have a healthy option and can influence others to make healthier choices too.

Let it Be Easy: The Unfair Advantage

Let’s face it, implementing healthy habits in the middle of a hectic holiday season will not be easy.  But it doesn’t have to be a struggle either.  I am all about using nature as medicine to work with our biology to give us the outcomes we desire.  That is why I created Goddess Drops, your secret weapon this holiday season. This physician-formulated herbal micronutrient and amino acid blend is designed to naturally curb cravings, boost your metabolism, enhance mental function, and combat fatigue without drugs or harsh stimulants. They support your body’s natural thermogenic processes to maintain a youthful metabolism, helping you burn calories with less effort.

Goddess Drops are the perfect ally to keep you in control and on track, ensuring you enjoy the holidays without the usual stress and weight concerns. Say goodbye to holiday hunger, brain fog, and fatigue, and embrace a more balanced, confident, energized version of yourself this holiday season!

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