Happiness Jar Challenge

This week’s challenge is something I think you will enjoy and continue to do for several weeks, months, or even for the whole year!

The project is to create a “Happiness Jar”! A Happiness Jar is a jar that contains your happiest moments of each day.

So what will you need?…. You’ll need a jar, container, box, or anything where you can keep several pieces of small paper. You will also need a writing utensil and any form of scrap paper (does not need to be anything fancy, unless you want it to be).

How is works is simple… when something makes you happy or feel grateful…. write it down on a piece of paper and place it in your jar!

Writing these moments down will help you remember the feelings of joy, happiness, and gratitude from each day.

These moments don’t have to be anything huge or monumental. It can be something as simple as getting all green lights on your way to or from work.

Your happiest moments may be hearing a loved one say “I love you”, or the hour you spent working out, or even just taking 5 minutes out of your day to just think and relax.

Most of us have many moments of happiness and joy throughout the day, but we quickly forget about them because we don’t take the time to acknowledge them.

So, this week….your challenge is to create your own Happiness Jar and start filling it up!

You can decorate it or keep it plain and simple….it is up to you!

It takes only a few seconds to do this!

How cool would it be to look back a week, a month, or even a year from now and read your happiest moments in your life!

Are you in for this challenge!? 

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