Meet The Team

Maryellen Wolons

RN, MSN/ Holistic Hormone Specialist

Hello Beautiful!

My name is Mary Ellen, I am a hormone specialist in the Healthy Hormones Club. How many people can say they love their job? I absolutely can! I feel blessed in my career to be working at Glow Natural Wellness. Not only do I get to work with some pretty amazing nurses, coaches, and Dr. Michelle; but I also get to make a difference in the lives of women and get paid doing work that is aligned with my soul and is a positive contribution to the world.

Life has been an interesting journey for me. It’s been full of synchronicities and surprise turns.

As a child I spent many years in and out of the hospital. I had a medical condition that required multiple surgeries and therapies. This was during the 80’s and hospitals were nothing like they are today! I did not have many fond memories that inspired me to be a nurse! Quite the opposite really. I believe it was the negative experiences I had that inspired me to go into the field of nursing to be different; a different kind of nurse.

My career began with an Associate of Science degree in Complementary Health Care. I studied mind-body-spirit philosophies, energy healing modalities (became a Reiki Master), yoga, chakra systems, mindfulness, and applied nutritional healing; how foods/diet helps to heal the body (or create illness). I also became a licensed nationally certified massage therapist. I learned how magical the human body is and how we all have an innate ability to heal and be in “homeostasis (body harmony)”.

I attended nursing school obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Science (BSN) and eventually a Master’s degree of Nursing (MSN). I have practiced the art of nursing since 2005. I am a holistic nurse. A holistic nurse understands health is multidimensional and healing is a harmonious state interconnecting mind-body-spirit. I incorporate complementary integrative modalities to enhance the healing journey. I practice with the model of healing the whole person.

People are more than just their state of health or disease/condition. We are dynamic beings with a body so capable of adapting and actually wired for wellness! My work as a holistic nurse actually begins with me. Holistic nursing is also about self awareness, self growth, and self care. I am very passionate about self care. If we do not take care of ourselves, we can not take care of anyone else. I am living what I teach to my patients. My life philosophy mirrors my professional philosophy. I begin my day with gratitude and a daily mindful practice. When I get stressed I use tools to ground myself like the 54321 method, box breathing, or sing a mantra. I take nature walks, I make space for creativity; I love to paint and practice aerial yoga. I move my body daily. I dance. I eat intuitively and mindfully and as clean and natural as I can (on most days anyway!)
A healthy balanced lifestyle is a foundation to longevity and a necessity in today’s toxic, high stress, fast moving world. Self care is not a luxury, it is essential. We need to make our health a priority.

This work is very personal to me. I believe deeply that we have the power to positively impact our future health by the choices we make today. My mother was completely through menopause by age 39! Now at age 62, she has clinical osteoporosis and has to be very mindful of her activities. Her mother, my grandmother, had a complete hysterectomy in her 30’s and at the age of 51 had a heart attack!! Her sister, my great aunt, was also menopausal at age 39, and suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. I bet my family’s story is not unique. What’s exciting is I get to create change in my family’s health legacy. And maybe I will get to be part of the change in yours too. BHRT not only is an all natural ally to organically manage the symptoms women experience with life transitions, but is a preventative measure to protect our bodies so we can live long vibrant lives. That’s what we are doing at Glow Natural Wellness, and I love being a part of this momentum of change.