Meet The Team

Dr. Michelle Drains

Naturopathic Physician and Holistic Hormone Specialist

Michelle’s passion for holistic medicine and the natural world was inspired by her Quapaw and Cherokee heritage. That passion led her to attend Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, where she earned her Bachelors in Botany and Biology. 

She later pursued her master’s in Human Nutrition and continued onward to her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. During her residency at UB she completed rotations in Homeopathy, Oncology, FirstLine Therapy®, and Personalized Nutrition. 

She also had the privilege of learning and working alongside some of the greatest minds in the field including Dr. Peter D’Adamo creator of the
“Eat Right for Your Type™” and Geneotype Diets, Dr. Jody Noe expert in Native Medicine and specialist
in Integrative Oncology, and Dr. Tieraona Lowdog, integrative MD and expert in Integrative medicine.

She believes strongly in the foundations of health – diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, detoxification, and a healthy gut microbiome. At GLOW Natural Wellness, She has a special focus on helping those with hormonal challenges. Dr. Drains is dedicated to creating long-lasting connections with clients and consistently guides them on their journey to optimal health. Empowering them with knowledge and skills, so that they can make healthy choices, and maintain their health, both now and in the future. 

In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, international cooking, traveling, studying languages and isan avid dancer. Dr. Drains believes highly in the power of movement as a fun, healing medium. She has been performing and teaching various forms of ethnic dance including Bellydance, Polynesian, Hula and Classical Indian styles for over 15 years.