Meet The Team

Jen Lawton

Community Success Manager

As a Life Transformation Coach (aka JOY, INSPIRATION and Happiness Coach), Speaker and Holistic Health Educator (Enthusiast/Advocate), Jennifer Lawton is committed to supporting and inspiring women (PEOPLE) to regain their health, transform their lives and manifest their Soul’s purpose (JOY/ DREAMS). Her warmth, humor and unconditional love has touched the hearts and minds of youth and adults everywhere.

With her attentive listening and non-judgmental loving approach, she is dedicated to teaching connection and communication tools that truly transform lives. She is passionate about helping others return to vibrant health after life’s greatest challenges. 

Using healing, communication, and connection tools along with the power of unconditional love, Jen helps inspire others to live their best life.

At the age of 40, Jen (manifested) met the man of her dreams, was married at 41, celebrated being pregnant at 42 and felt beyond blessed to welcome a healthy baby boy at 43. Faced with the post-partum depression, sleep deprivation and hormone health challenges, she was left feeling overwhelmed, tired and burned out. Jen shares both her challenges and her story of overcoming adversities with a message of hope and the power to heal.

Jen shares her strategies for success and tools that helped transform her own life to return to her natural state of joy and health and help inspire others to heal themselves. There is a power in listening to others with an open heart; when someone is heard, truly authentically heard they can move on to being more joyful, present, healing and transforming their life.

With a vast knowledge (or passion) and experience in many different health and wellness therapies, Jen’s experience includes NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner and hypnotherapy, powerful conflict resolutions skills and communication techniques. She has teaching tools such as the power of a true apology, forgiveness and moving on. Understanding that everyone is different and life is never a one size fit all, Jen believes in creating personal strategies based on the individual needs and goals of each client.

Jen is a wife, proud mother and CEO (Chief Everything Officer), to her spirited and loving 4-year-old son and an amazing husband. She is also a workshop facilitator in bullying prevention and self-esteem building and has worked with well over 100,000 youth in schools and workshops throughout Northern California. She worked with and volunteered for many non-profit organizations including Challenge Day and Soul Shoppe; these organizations have reached children and adults all over the world.

Sprint Triathlons have been replaced with sprinting after a 4-year-old; Jen resides in Santa Cruz and enjoys time in nature, meditation and yoga, reading and spending time with her beautiful family.