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What Women in Our Community Are Saying:

Hot flashes, night sweats, feeling hot one minute and chilled the next, plus I just felt “down” and wasn’t looking forward to anything. I think the sleep deprivation was the worst of all.

Ask any woman what it’s like to be awakened several times an hour drenched in sweat and then have to put on a happy face for the day and pretend to be a responsible adult and take care of other people. It’s hard.

After examining a few options, I decided to try the Healthy Hormone Club because they are one of the only places that does testing and I’m so glad I did! My symptoms went away in less than a week! I haven’t had a hot flash or night sweats since. I take my estrogen every morning…my sleep is vastly improved already and so is my energy.

I’m very happy with the Healthy Hormone Club, the price is very reasonable and the delivery makes it very convenient. I also love their vitamins.

– Suzanne York

When I started working with Dr. Michelle and her team I was lost, desperate and miserable physically and emotionally.

I had spent over a year seeing multiple doctors and specialists, none of which could figure out what was wrong with me or help me.

Dr. Michelle has helped me reverse my autoimmune disease and I am now feeling better and better each month. Healing the gut and getting my body to a healthy state has taken time but it has all been worth it and I could not have done it without Dr. Michelle’s expertise and direction!

– Teresa Davenport

I started the Glow Protocol with severe eczema on my hands, to the point that some of my fingernails had separated from the skin and were dying and coming off. No one had been able to improve it.

On my first visit I asked Dr. Michelle if he could please make my hands feel better. She said, not just better, why don’t we just make them well.

Following Dr. Michelle’s plan, my hands gradually began to improve. Yesterday I painted my normally-shaped fingernails. And I feel better than I can ever remember feeling!

Plus I am healthier overall. My blood labs have improved and I have dropped nearly 20 lbs. I love natural medicine!

– Dolores Funtes

Before working with Dr. Michelle I had two miscarriages. I knew that I wanted to have a baby, but I also wasn’t feeling well enough to care for one. I had very little energy and would sleep the majority of the day. I struggled with my weight, digestion and acne the majority of my life.

Dr. Michelle was so kind and caring and was really the first doctor that actually listened to all of my concerns. Dr. Sands ran the right tests to determine that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. After just 4 months, my antibodies went from over 400 to less than 10, and my energy completely transformed.

We mapped out my hormones and balanced progesterone and estrogen using herbs instead of drugs. Update: I am writing to update my testimonial to include that we welcomed the newest member of our family earlier this month, Evelyn Michelle.

– Elaina Morris

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