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and I’m here to rewrite the rules of women’s health.

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For too long, midlife women have been sidelined by the medical world. Our concerns? Often brushed aside. Our symptoms? Frequently downplayed. It’s time to change the way we approach “the change”.

I’m a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a special focus on perimenopause and menopause. My expertise stretches across endocrinology, genetics, functional nutrition, and anti-aging medicine. But it’s not just about the science. It’s about aging better, embracing change, and truly flourishing in this new chapter of life. I’ve gathered the best and brightest doctors, nurses, holistic practitioners and coaches to help you fix your hormones and love your life. Together, we’ll explore holistic approaches, making thriving during menopause not just a dream, but a very achievable reality.

My goal is to break down the barriers for midlife women so that we can embrace this phase of transformation and emerge stronger, more balanced, and unapologetically sexy.

American Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
The Institute for Functional Medicine Functional Practitioner
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
NAMS Menopause Practitioner


Defy Society's Expectations

And Live Life On Your Terms

In a world where as men age they are thought to grow more distinguished but women just grow old, perimenopause and menopause can really feel like the beginning of the end.

Our mission? To change the way we think about and experience “the change” -shattering societal norms and helping you live the limitless life you deserve.

It’s no secret that midlife can be quite a rocky and confusing time. You have gray hairs coming in that maybe you cover up…(I do! No shame!)…

You’re experiencing changes in your body (Your curves may have shifted and those dang hot flashes seem to come out of nowhere!)…
And maybe you even feel like you’ve aged 10 years overnight.

Basically, things in your life are CHANGING!

But here’s a little secret: we don’t have to just buckle down and endure. We have choices, and trust me, gritting our teeth through the discomfort isn’t your only option.

I’m on a mission to revisit the approach and rewrite the story of menopause wellness. This isn’t the end, we’re just getting started.

I Know How You Feel, Because I’ve Felt It Too...

Not long ago, my journey began, filled with fear and shattered dreams. At a younger age than expected, I was already enduring the weight of ALL the menopause symptoms – hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, joint pain, depression-you name it and I felt it!

To make matters worse, my doctors ignored my hormone issues, dismissed my concerns, and even told me that motherhood was out of reach. Any “solutions” they offered were mere band-aids, temporary fixes that ignored the root cause.

Yet, I refused to accept their verdict because deep within, I knew something was missing. So I dove into the research with a fierce determination, driven by a burning desire to uncover the real story. And eventually, through science, naturopathic medicine, and the power of mind-body connection, I unraveled the truth:

My symptoms were NOT my destiny, and the diagnosis given by my doctors did not determine the course of my life. After all, doctors write prescriptions – not your life story!

Now, as I enter the menopause transition once again, I embrace it on MY terms, and I’m here to share what I’ve learned to guide you toward boundless health. Together, we’ll rewrite the menopause narrative so you can rediscover your inner strength, vitality, and sexiness.

You deserve a life without limits – confident, vibrant, and unapologetically yourself.

Take my hand, and let’s make that a reality for you!

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Meet Dr. Michelle Sands

As a Naturopathic Physician and the founder of Glow Natural Wellness, I’ve helped thousands of women uncover their healthiest, most confident selves over the last 10+ years, and along the way, I’ve realized that the crux of most women’s issues almost always lies in their hormones!

The sooner you tap into your body’s incredible natural healing processes to fix your hormones, the sooner you’ll be able to shine like the confident, beautiful woman you are.

That’s exactly why I created Fix Hormones: to provide a dedicated space for women over 35 who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Join us and discover a community of women who have your back and are eager to help you navigate the changes in your body with confidence and ease.

Menopause is what you make it, so let’s make it magical!

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